Interim Management

Companies, established, in startup, or in any other stage of their timeline often require temporary filling of vacancies. Essential is the time in which the interim professional is available and how fast he/she is up to speed and becomes an indispensible part of the team

The team presently exists of 5 veterans’ who all excelled in their own profession. This core team of 5 seniors, each with their own specialism forms the heart of SPIJKERS. A wide array of pre-selected experienced associates are available upon request so in case we need to scale up we can address your needs on very short notice

We provide interim services in different fields of operation and on different management levels. Our interim professionals all belong to the top 5 of their profession with proven track records, a brought network and a checked background. The positions our interim professional have fulfilled or are fulfilling at this moment range from ad-interim Sales Directors, to CMO’s, to COO’s to MD’s, BU-Leaders, CFO’s, Controllers and many more. Terms of engagement range from 3 months to sometimes 3-4 years.


Industries we serve are:

  • Broadcast (C-level)

  • Broadcast (mid level e.g. Architects, CAS experts, etc.)

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (specialized in the consumer electronics) (C-level)

  • Marketing (C-level)

  • Sales Professionals (upto C-level)

  • Product Management

  • IPR (C-level)

  • Among others

Once you have identified the need for an interim professional you want the position to be filled quickly. SPIJKERS through its extensive network of professionals are in the unique position to address your needs right away. Once awarded with the search we will do a thorough investigation at your premises to find out exactly what kind of interim professional you need. We will talk to all key people involved to make sure the right search profile is made.


After a careful but fast selection process we in most cases propose up to 3 suitable candidates. We will guide you throughout the process and make sure you select the right candidate ideally suited for the position and most important fit within your organization. In most cases the chosen candidate can start at very short notice. Thanks to the extensive search the capabilities of the chosen candidate will allow him/her to kickstart the newly assumed position and become a highly productive team member from day one. During the first 3 months we will mentor the candidate and make sure the fit with your organization will be perfect

Our extensive network of pre-selected candidates combined with unique search skills guarantee that we will find the desired candidate in no time. We know our candidates, we have checked their backgrounds, we have verified their education and past experiences. Only the ones we feel are best in their profession are allowed to work for us. That thorough process guarantees you only the best candidates for the job.

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